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So, I’m watching these Facebook/Instagram live videos of my favorite “hey-I’ve-made-it-you-can-too” ladies, and of course the inspiration comes to me like a fireball — hey, I can too! (Naturally, right?)

But, as easy as they make it look, let’s face it. 

It ain’t easy, girlfriend.

Now, of course, they remind you it wasn’t easy for them once-upon-a-time. But, MAN, do they make it look simple!! Sure, they’ve taken centuries to get where they are. I know this intrinsically. But here they are, spewing the secrets of all things financial, emotional, creative, you name it. Whatever you want. You can have it.

And then, after I’ve put the kids to sleep, just as the pillow cradles my head, and I’m ready to put the day to bed, the voice creeps in to challenge these ladies’ words of encouragement and says: “Can I really? Is all of this success meant for me?”

I mean, here I am, changing careers after a very long work life in education, listening to podcasts about social media marketing, reading blogs, trying and failing and trying again. And I wonder, can I make this happen? My goal is to help small businesses succeed using social media. Can I make it happen for them

And in a moment of clarity, I think: Of course I eff-ing can.

Changing careers later in existence isn’t easy. I’ve got so much knowledge in my “previous life” that starting something new is intimidating and feels damn near impossible. 

But it’s not. Because here I am doing it.

I’ve made the commitment to myself that I’m not going to fail. I mean I might have to reassess, redirect, and straight-up try again. But, so what? If it’s on the road to success, what’s wrong with stopping for gas or a Snickers bar along the way? (Girlfriend let’s be real: chocolate is a necessity.)

Now that I’ve made this commitment to myself, how do I keep my promise? I can think of three things I absolutely MUST do daily:

  1. Show gratitude. I swear, this works. The days after I skip my gratitude rituals, I’m off. Off balance, off kilter, off my rocker! My “rituals” include either listening to a gratitude meditation as I’m falling asleep or writing down what I’m grateful for on paper. Easy peasy, nothing fancy. But necessary. Give it a try for a week, and I promise you’ll feel a shift in the positive direction.
  2. Do something consistently to move me toward my goal. And I’ve found it has to be the same thing every day. For you, “The Blogger,” churn out those 1,600 words daily. If you’re trying to lose weight, and counting calories is your thing, do it. I’m getting my professional career started as a social media marketer, so posting on social media every day is necessary. And the fact that it’s the same activity means I’m going to get better and better at it. (Believe me, I have!)
  3. Promote positivity. If you think it ain’t happening, let me let you in on a little secret — it ain’t happening, honey. If you’re using words like “if,” “maybe,” “could,” or “should,” you are setting yourself up for failure. Read that again: YOU are setting YOURSELF up for failure. No one is in your way but you. It sounds hokey and all “woo-woo.” But I can’t stress enough that even when the odds are stacked against you, and everyone is saying “heck, no, you’ll never make it,” if you can look in the mirror and see yourself as that thing you want to be — “I AM a chef,” “I AM a race car driver”, “I AM married to Ryan Gossling” — that vision can make those things a reality.

(Okay, maybe not that last one, but you get the idea.) 

(And by the way, get it out of your head that Mr. X will marry you. If “he” is not in love with you, move on, sister. Change your statement to, “I AM married to someone who loves me for me and who will support me emotionally.” But, I’ll leave that lecture for another time.)

I want to invite you to try these three things every day for a week. Don’t think of them as chores or things you have to do. Instead, think of them as presents you are giving yourself. Because when you start reaping the benefits of these gifts, I promise they’ll become your favorite things to do everyday — next to dreaming about Ryan Gossling.