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About Me

Content Developer | Blogger | Social Media Strategist | Supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs

My 30-second elevator pitch

I am passionate about creating digital marketing content for small businesses as well as being a blogger about things that inspire me and hopefully inspire others. There are so many facets to running a business that connecting with clients, both current and potential, through social media can fall to the wayside. My goal is to take that burden off of small business owners so they can focus all of their attention on their business — not promoting it. I hope that through my blog writing people will be inspired to start their own business, face their issues head on, or simply see that success can come out of deep pain and debilitating failure. I’m in this to help others win and stay the course to their own greatness.

How Did I Get Here?

After over a decade of being in the education field and the music business, I’ve accumulated an understanding of what makes people pay attention.

While I was a math teacher, I had dozens of little potential customers (in the form of students) entering my classroom each year. It was my job to produce the right content (in the form of math lessons) to get those clients to see the value of what I was selling (that math was super important!). Some bought it, some didn’t. 

One constant was that if I didn’t have a lesson plan, no one was buying anything I had to say. Something else — anything else — was more interesting than any of the words coming out of my mouth.

Fast forward to my career change from teacher to social media strategist and content developer for ET Studio Productions. I still find that the same rules apply as the owners of the studio and I work out our monthly marketing plan. Without a plan for how you want the world to perceive your business on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you’re on stage with dull eyes staring at you that are silently snickering, “Alright, entertain me,” yet no words escape your mouth.

As a result of poor (or no) planning, you’re producing content that isn’t telling the story of your business, and no one is going to listen to a story without a killer beginning, middle, and end. You’ve got a room full of adolescents rolling their eyes at you while you’re convincing them (unsuccessfully) that the quadratic formula is important. (I still haven’t figured out a practical use for it.) 

Finally, with no planning and no product, there’s no profit. No student passes the exit exam, and no one buys your album. As the Publicity Chairperson for the Association of Math Teachers of New York State, it’s my job to produce the content on social media that spreads the word about their annual conference for math teachers. Without the right content, no one cares about our Facebook or Twitter accounts, and our attendance is in the toilet.

What else do I do?

love to write, so I enjoy blogging about songwriting, inspiring others, and my all-time favorite show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. You can get a taste for my writing on my blog page here.